About us

Founded more than three decades ago, the Elias Group has gone from strength to strength, operating with great success in the real estate, construction and tourism sectors in Limassol, Cyprus’ fastest growing and vibrant city. This family owned group of companies manages a large portfolio of projects which includes the development of several real estate properties comprised of seafront luxury apartments and villas. The Elias Group is renowned for its uncompromising high standards of service that are based largely on its intrinsic family values and ethos nurtured over the course of the last three decades – and which remain at the core of every client experience.

Today, the group continues to grow and evolve, keeping in line with current industry trends. This is evident in its innovative rebrand and transformation of visual identity, a move that more accurately represents its current four pillars of service offerings, namely Hospitality, Property Development, Asset Management and Business Development.

The group also remains committed to the expansion of its operations and ongoing strategy of investing in both short-and long-term growth opportunities with a move into new markets, such as the renewable energy sector with the development of a clean energy park, and the development of prime land and real estate assets in and around the Limassol region.